Digital advertising for eCommerce

Digital advertising for your digital storefront.

Work with me to increase sales for your eCommerce brand. Three different ways to do so below

eCommerce digital marketing

Fully Managed Ads

Want to spend your time managing people and creating new products instead of staring and fiddling in Ads Manager all day? 

Let me handle that instead.

Spending over $10k/mo in ad spend? Hire me to take over fully.

The sales process is simple and transparent:

1. Submit a contact form below. I’ll review and reply with a couple questions. If I think I can help and I’m a good fit from those initial questions & responses…

2. I’ll send you a link to grant me view only access to your ad account in 2 clicks to make sure I can see the ad account and do a mini audit.

4. Brief findings are delivered within a couple days to determine next steps with transparent pricing & tiers starting at $2,000/mo.

Month to Month Rate - starting at $2,000/mo

Research – Determine, cost per acquisition (CPA), and ROAS (return on ad spend) goals, target audiences, competitors, and creative needs with previous data.


Launch – Ensure Pixel, Product Catalog are set up and connected. Launch initial ad campaigns for the entire funnel, top-middle-bottom.


Management – Ongoing and continuous daily review and eyes on your account to ensure our goals are being met, tests are being run, and weekly email communication so you’re in the know of what’s going on.


Creative – Creative is one of the biggest variables for success with Facebook Ads.

I work with you to create compelling ad copy to run alongside your existing images and videos. 

eCommerce digital marketing

Growth Advising

Get affordable, ongoing strategic consulting about all things eCommerce growth.

I strategize with you and your team on how to grow so you can spend more time on.. the other 1,872 things you have to do as a brand owner!


Pricing is transparent as can be:

Just Email access = $750/mo
Email access + 1 call per quarter = $1,000/mo
Email access + 1 call per month = $1,500/mo

Month to Month Rate - starting at $750/mo

Email access – I’ll respond within 24-48 hours during the week, often much faster.


Calls – Use calls to brainstorm with me, talk through a new launch or initiative, and I’ll always bring things to the table.


Strategy for things like:

➡️ Growth – Facebook / Instagram paid ads (strategy, creative, copy, etc)

➡️ Brand and Content marketing

➡️ Retention – Email / SMS marketing

➡️ Product launches and other promos


Specific feedback & requests like:

➡️ Check out this new tag line / angle

➡️ What do you think about this tactic in this context?

➡️ Here’s our existing or new marketing plan, can you review it or help us adjust it?

➡️ Can you help craft a plan of attack for Black Friday?

eCommerce digital marketing

Power Hour

Want some quick actionable feedback in your Facebook Ads account? 

Red flags raised? Where to double down on? New creative ideas? Account structure review? Something else? Analyzing data & metrics? Defining success and profitability?

Book a Power Hour 👇

$325/hr for a one-time call

Let’s jam for an hour on account structure, strategy, audiences, copy angles, creative ideas and budget allocation.. real specific settings and whatever else you can think of.

One-time fee of $325 paid through the Calendly up front. 

You can request to receive a recording of the Zoom meeting after our call!

Create profitable campaigns now with the
Facebook Ad Spending Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet helps eCommerce brands identify appropriate target costs and a budget that’s right for them.