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Freelance Digital Marketer For Hire

Hi, I’m Matt. 

I help eCommerce brands acquire customers through Facebook Ads and email. Hire me to handle your marketing so you can work ON your business, not IN the business.

Transparency, kindness, honesty, and hard work are a few of my core values.

I’ll identify problems and create solutions to help your business and dreams grow. 

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One of my passions is helping other’s businesses and dreams grow. Your success and happiness is mine. Creating thoughtful and strategic partnerships with my clients to do awesome work and positively impact your campaigns ROI is how I operate.

When I’m not planning and running ads, I strive to create positive relationships within my community by...

Mentoring students and recent grads

Speaking at former professor’s classes or being a guest speaker for clubs and organizations. Topics include sharing my professional journey so far, Facebook Ad basics, how to navigate succeeding in college to set yourself up for growth when you graduate, intro into digital marketing. I mentor students and recent graduates in career advice, marketing, business, personal development and more.

Digital Marketer For Hire
Digital Marketer For Hire

FREEThink Volunteer

Volunteering and leading a team for the Sacramento Chapter of the America Advertising Federation every year for a weekend long design-a-thon called “FREEThink” ever year. 

This event staffed by around 30 marketing and design professionals that help three nonprofits over the course of a weekend by producing quality marketing and advertising collateral, assets, and strategies. The average time donated by each of our volunteer teams for the weekend comes out to be around $12,500 that is no charge to the client. 

FREEThink has been nationally recognized by the AAF and is in the process of being implemented in chapters across the nation after receiving multiple awards over the years.

Besides work and volunteering..

  • I host “The Relatively Vulnerable Podcast” Anchor link
  • I co-host “Marketing Jam Sessions Podcast” Link: TBD – first episode launching soon
  • I train and compete in powerlifting, play League of Legends, and basketball
Digital Marketer For Hire

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