Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if you’re ready to hire me? Too afraid to ask a “dumb” question? Just want to learn more?

Read some common questions below 👇

#1 – You can hire me for an hour here and there until you make enough money to let me take over full-time. 

#2 – You can learn on your own from experts and my friends at Foxwell Digital.

Andrew and his team are the absolute best. I’ve purchased several courses from him and recommend them immensely. If you’re interested in grabbing a course or two, use code “MLADY30” at checkout for $30 off. 

I’m an affiliate so I will receive a % of this with no extra cost to you, in fact, you get that $30 off discount!

#3 – You can join Andrew and David’s free Facebook Group for ongoing discussions and get some questions answered: Facebook & Instagram Pro Ad Buyers Industry Group

You don’t! You’re hiring me to run ad campaigns for you.

Boosting a post is the simplest and quickest way for Facebook to take your money. The targeting options and tracking capabilities are limited by doing this.

I create ad campaigns in your Facebook Ads Manager which leverages the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. This allows us to target based on thousands of interests or past behaviors of users, track, and report back on the ad performance to see your return on investment.

Also, here’s 23 limitations of the boost button by Jon Loomer.

Nope. I work as a marketing partner for your business. There needs to be clear expectations on goals and work flow.

Ex: You cannot drop a new product launch on me or new promotion 30 minutes before it goes live and expect me to drop all other work to figure out a new strategy and plan for this and implement it. This will result in suboptimal results and will not make either of us happy since it’s not a good use of TIME or MONEY.

Now, communication level and frequency varies by client, totally.

There will likely be more communication in the beginning to set expectations, learn about your business and products, and get into a rhythm of back and forth over the following weeks and months.

There will be instances like Black Friday and Cyber Monday that we should communicate and plan for weeks and even months ahead of time

  • Numbers for your business (cost of goods, margins, etc)
  • An eCommerce website
  • A Facebook Page
  • A Facebook Ad account and Pixel
  • Instagram Account
  • Budget for advertising
  • Creative for ads of your products (images + videos).

This is ideal – please message me still if you’re unsure, have questions, or just missing one or two of these.

I do not guarantee results – almost any marketer who does this is at best being dishonest and misleading, and worst just lying to make a quick buck off of you.

I DO promise transparency, kindness, and extreme hard work.

I set realistic expectations of return on investment and map out our goals before we spend a cent on ads. If I do not think I can meet your (unrealistic) ROAS goal minimums, I will tell you.

If we are not a good fit, I will tell you.

I want us both to be happy and make money throughout working together!

  1. I have made my clients lots of money.
  2. I have and will continue to invest thousands into education and staying up to date and learning from the best of the best in this industry so I can provide YOU the best service possible.
  3. You are working directly with me and I am not outsourcing or throwing you to junior staff like some agencies do. You are not split up between the project manager, the ad buyer, and the creative department. When you are a client of mine, you’re more like a partner. I’m investing my energy and time into your business to help it grow so we can continue to grow together.
  4. I’m sometimes funny and pretty easy to work with.

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