Quick Hit: Facebook Ad Retargeting Q’s and A’s

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Let’s get into it.


Had a few questions about Facebook retargeting ads:

1) How much of your Facebook daily ad spend do you allocate to retargeting?
2) Do you just run a single retargeting ad set?
3) Do you retarget views and ATC’s together or do you split them?
4) How far back do you retarget visitors (ie: last 7 days? last 14 days?)

We’re currently retargeting all past viewers and ATC’s together in the last 7 days and spending about 5% of daily ad spend on this ad set. It’s brought us a 3.55% ROAS in the last 7 days which I feel could be much better.”

All real important and reasonable questions to ask. This depends on your brand, if it’s demand capture vs demand generation, how much you’re spending and so on but let’s dive into it.


Q1) How much of your Facebook daily ad spend do you allocate to retargeting?

A1) Generally, a 70/30 prospecting vs remarketing split is solid as most brands need to drive enough traffic to the site to start. As you go on, 60/40 isn’t out of the question, even.

I have been testing combining prospecting and remarketing into the same campaign and doing a CBO and letting Facebook pick and choose between the days for me so its not this exact split, it goes after the best people everyday. Because I quite frankly don’t care how my budget gets divided as long as ROAS is stable.

This CBO is by a SKU or a category so the ROAS and CPA targets are specific to this. By doing this, I can set my cost caps at the CPA for this specific SKU or category. Very different cap to promote $20 AOV vs a $55 one.

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Q2) Do you just run a single retargeting ad set?

A2) For Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs) yes generally one ad set. Sometimes two!

For other more standard Conversion – Purchase remarketing adsets, I sometimes break up into 1-2 ad sets between middle of funnel (engagers, video views) vs bottom of funnel (view content, add to carts). All depends on your volume of events and budget.

Q3) Do you retarget views and ATC’s together or do you split them?

A3) Views like video views or views as in View Content (VC) event?

If it’s video views, if I want a a MOFU (middle of funnel) ad set then I’ll break it up alongside social engagers if I have the budget and content for it. Or if more education needs to be done.

If it’s view content, I put VC and ATC together 95% of the time.

Q4) How far back do you retarget visitors (ie: last 7 days? last 14 days?)

A4) I generally start at last 30 days and go from there.

What’s super interesting to me and I learned this the other month is if you have Google Analytics set up:

In Analytics go down to Conversions –> Multi Channel Funnels –> Time Lag

This will tell you by % and day of when your purchases occur. If you’re limited on budget, pick when 70-80% of your purchases occur as your remarketing window. But generally up to 30 days can work depending on your product, education needed vs mass appeal item, and AOV/price.

Also you should absolutely be getting more out of retargeting budget! 5% gives you a lot of room to grow.

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